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Pacific Northwest
Since 1979
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About Us

Benting Construction,Inc.Benting Construction, Inc., is a commercial general contracting firm with thirty years of experience in tilt-up construction. As a general contractor, Benting Construction, Inc. offers complete construction services and a variety of construction methods. Although tilt-up is considered the quality standard for the industry, many Owners prefer masonry, framed structures, or pre-engineered metal building systems. Whatever your preference or application, Benting Construction, Inc. can furnish the most efficient and durable type of construction to fit your needs.

We can provide a number of other services for your construction needs to include the following:
  • Assistance in selecting a site
  • Assistance in obtaining financing
  • Provide a 'banker's package' that includes preliminary plans and budget estimates.
  • Construction Management
  • Design Build
  • Assist in selecting designers to include Architect and Engineer references.
  • Quality construction