Benting Construction can serve working as a team member early in the planning and design phases of your project. Our team approach ensures that our clients get the highest value for their investment.

Teamwork gives you a functional facility in less time and at less expense than traditional methods.

Imagine, if you will, the expense and delay of an automobile if Ford designed it and gave it to General Motors to build. Most things you buy are manufactured under a joint designer and builder approach. The same economies and efficiencies are now available in construction services.

Successful teamwork on a construction project is accomplished by bringing together the Owner, Architect/Engineer, and Benting Construction during the early design stages of the project. Sharing ideas and expertise as a team early in the design process produces a building that can be built efficiently, and provides the Owner with a building that is in sync with their needs.

With Benting Construction on your team, you gain the following advantages:

  1. Time and money are saved through the team efforts of Benting Construction and your designer.
  2. When construction and design can overlap, a facility can be opened sooner to produce revenue and reduce finance costs.
  3. Subcontractors can be selected on the basis of both quality and price instead of low price only.
  4. The past experience of both the Architect/Engineer and Benting Construction can be utilized.
  5. Potential challenges can be avoided, therefore minimizing the risk of costly delays in the construction schedule.
  6. Material suppliers and subcontractors can be involved early in the project.
  7. You can receive an budget price early in the planning phases, ensuring the project’s economic feasibility.

The key is teamwork. Our clients become an integral part of the construction process. Communication and Teamwork are the bywords through any project involving Benting Construction, Inc.

Let’s build something together.